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WHAT I DON'T DO IN MY BLOG: Plot Synopsis - because they bore me, plus I don't wanna spoil the plot for others. Obviously, this is not a "proper" film/book review blog. I'm a rebel like that.

WHAT I DON'T CLAIM: Being an expert on films. Nor do I claim to be right in every reviews/opinions I post, I just write honestly regardless of critics' ratings or general consensus. 

FILMS I USUALLY REVIEW: black & white films, the classics, cult movies, horror B-movies, but I try to watch different genres every week. Been slowly discovering world cinema, so you'll find a review or two of some Asian or European films once in a while. I don't make it a point to watch every recent film releases because I'm busy trying to catch up with the classics I should have already watched. Also trying to watch all Oscar-winning films, so expect those in my reviews as well.

My "book reviews list" also varies. 

You can ask me to watch & review a film (whether it's your film, or just a random recommendation), just comment below or message me. My links are provided below. :)


An issue regarded as potentially debatable, but no longer practically applicable. "a point open to debate"

For me, each book/movie experience is highly subjective, we all have our own opinions, the key is respect. Just because our views differ from others doesn't make one right and the other wrong. So no need to argue over a certain movie, or try to show how elitist one is when it comes to cinema, because in fact, everything we say are all a moot point.

So, welcome to my blog. Looking forward to different opinions and engaging conversations. It may be moot, but it's nice to talk about movies isn't?


I've always been a dreamer, always lost in my own world of fantasy & make-believe. Call me imaginative, weird, a daydreamer, a hermit - it's all true.  

For as long as I remember, books and movies have been an essential part of my life.  My mom has read books to me when I was a kid. Sleeping with my bunny bear near my head, my baby bottle beside me, thumb in my mouth, and one arm hugging my favorite book, is a perfect description of my childhood. 

Movie time has been a constant family thing that I've always looked forward to - whether it's going to the cinemas, or scanning the tv, or renting videos (from Betamax to VHS to VCD to DVD), and now downloading movies, it's the best family bonding time for me! 

The first movie that I ever saw (or can recall) when I was still a pint-sized tantrum-throwing brat is The NeverEnding Story by Wolfgang Petersen, and while I really can't remember what that story is all about - all I know is that there's a big ass flying dog with huge flappy ears and I loved him - the magical feeling of being transported to another world & meeting characters you wouldn't normally see in the streets remained inside me. The beauty of cinema. Of course that was when I didn't know how to read yet. ;) 

The movie that never fails to make me happy? THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

My first ever favorite author? AGATHA CHRISTIE.

EDIT: I finally rewatched this movie and it turns out it's not a dog 
but a groovy luck dragon. LOL. Here's my review of the film, 
in case you're interested.

Now, older, wrinkled and jaded, hopeless & cynical, the only thing that I haven't lost is that youthful fascination for stories in books and the amazing world of movies! Some call it entertainment, some call it trash, some may say it's an utter waste of time, others may think it's irrelevant - well they are entitled to their wrong opinions. LOL. For me, watching movies & reading are as romantic as puppy love, as mysterious as an Agatha Christie story, as exciting as your first kiss, as beautiful as life, as essential as breathing - larger than life, the perfect escape. 

This is the story of my life. 
Except that this girl is slimmer, 
and she wears a skirt, 
and her room is much neater. lol.

My books are an extension of my soul. Movies are my alternate worlds. And this blog is, in a way, my fortress of solitude where I can stay in a state of extended non-reality just talking about my perfect form of escapism. 

That's it. That's all I can divulge about myself... for now.

Back to my blog. 


My fellow film buffs & book geeks, you can reach me via:

The easiest way though is to just leave comments in here :)


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