Friday, June 7, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)


"Like father. Like son. Like hell!"                    "Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Russia"

Directed by:  John Moore

Starring:  Bruce Willis (John McClane), Jai Courtney (Jack McClane)

Plot Summary:

John McClane goes to Russia to see his son. His son hates him. There's an American-hating Russian terrorist group. WMDs. Lots of action. Lots of awful one-liners. Just leave your brains and follow where the explosion and gunfire is, you won't get lost in the plot.

*    *    *    *

Really, it's A GOOD DAY TO WRECK CARS. That's the only thing I enjoyed in this movie. 

I know that in a typical Hollywood action movie, an intricate plot seems to be the director's last priority. Just put in a lot of action scenes, a lot of gunplay, a lot of explosions, and who cares about the plot right? I for one can easily forgive a plotless action flick as long as it delivers on other aspects. But really, Yippe Ki-Yay Mother Russia?? Really?? A sign of a lazy plot is when it involves the CIA and stereotyped Russia. That's just so archaic. They weave this Chernobyl mastermind plot, yes it may sound exciting, but then they just leave it as it is. With no real villain, no real terrorist threat, no real conflict, and no surprise twists. 

The characters are severely underdeveloped, and if this is the first time you'll watch a Die Hard movie, you might not wanna watch the others because John McClane here is just so blah. His one-liners are basically hit or miss, and his stupid "I'm on a vacation!!!" line uttered ad nauseum almost made me wanna stop the movie just to go online to rate AGDTDH 1 Star on Rotten Tomatoes. Jai Courtney as Jack McClane has the right build to be the next Bruce Willis, but his character is just so unlikeable, and the father-son conflict felt forced.  

The action scenes distracted me from the blandness of the script, but I'm not saying it's something to be impressed about. They messed up a lot of cars and a big ass helicopter that's all i can say. 

There's nothing more to say about this film because as soon as that credits rolled up, I have forgotten most of it.

The Verdict: 

Forgettable plot, weak script, underdeveloped characters. A prime example of a mediocre movie carrying a big title. Bruce Willis felt like a side kick here and it seems like it's a set-up for Jai Courtney to take over. I think it's A GOOD DAY TO END THIS FRANCHISE. But since they're still making Die Hard 6 - maybe they can use this movie as reference on what NOT to do when making sequels. John Moore should take a sabbatical and reassess his life's ambitions. 

My Rating:  

2/5 - If you're a Die Hard fan you will be terribly disappointed. If you're not, you will still be disappointed. 

What is your favorite Die Hard movie?

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  1. You sure made me giggle alot reading this review , because you dont mix words honey, you tell it like it is , and youre so nice about it !!!!!!!! I enjoyed reading this :)

    1. LOL thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this, it might be the only thing you'll enjoy that involves this movie. definitely not the "seeing it" part. hahha

  2. I am a major Die Hard fan. John McClane is the man. Of course it's far from the first Die Hard that is in my humble opinion the best of all but the essence is still there. I heard some stories about the sequel that pissed me off but I'll wait and see before going all crazy!

    1. I'm just hoping the sixth (and final??) installment won't be as crappy as this O_O



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