Friday, July 26, 2013

The Heat (2013)

An uptight FBI Special Agent is paired with a foul-mouthed Boston cop to take down a ruthless drug lord.

Directed by:  Paul Feig (Bridesmaids)
Written by:  Katie Dippold
Starring:  Sandra Bullock (Ashburn), Melissa McCarthy (Mullins)
Running Time:  117 mins

"I'll shut the door on you. You lay down here and put your head in the door. And I'll slam it about 157,000 times."

Foul-mouthed, deglamorized, angry at the world - is Melissa McCarthy getting typecasted? I hope not because as much as I enjoy her as a comedy actress, seeing her in the same abrasive role for several movies straight makes her less appealing for me. Having said that, her role here is a big improvement over Identity Thief, because her delivery in this movie is more spot on in an over-the-top crazy way. Sandra Bullock, still better in Miss Congeniality, has her funny moments as well. Marlon Wayans is surprisingly watered-down and ain't that a breath of fresh air? haha. 

The film's use of cliched materials is probably intentional and two formidable female characters in a man's profession is parallel to the movie's buddy-cop genre where men are usually casted. It could have been (& should have been) the start of a new thing in this genre had this movie been handled better, but seeing that it's already a success & buzz of a rumored sequel is already floating around, then I guess we will see more of these two, hopefully with a better, more polished sequel.

Favorite scenes:  the bathroom scene, the albino jokes (banter between McCarthy & Bakkedahl), Bullock's "eeeeehhh, eeeeehhhh" when she was crawling, & McCarthy calling Bullock's boss Puss in Boots. That's a trip. lol.

The Verdict: Bullock-McCarthy proved to be a worthy duo in a male-dominated genre but there's only so much they could do to elevate this rather predictable and average movie. They have done their part with their trademark comedic timing & passable chemistry, but overall, this movie has more miss than hit. The Heat has several hilarious moments & surprisingly witty lines but I blame the script & direction for this generic, crass, & slightly out-of-sync comedy.  


"Run. Run like you're on fire!"

What's the best comedy film you've seen this year?

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