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QUICKIES: A Home Security Salesman, A Rape Victim's Revenge, A Drug Dealer, and An Innovative Jerk

Either I'm too lazy at the moment... or the movie does not deserve a full review. Here are my straight-to-the-point reviews, QUICKIES if you will, of The Purge, I Spit On Your Grave (2010), We're The Millers, and Jobs.

THE PURGE (2013) 

Written & Directed by:  James DeMonaco
Cinematography:  Jacques Jouffret
Starring:  Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Rhys Wakefield
Running Time:  85 mins
Budget: $ 3 million
Box Office: almost $ 90 million (which is why they're making a 2014 sequel)
The idea is fascinating, the potential is huge, but this film is ultimately nothing but a missed opportunity. Murderous yuppies in freaky masks, wielding machetes & all that government-approved crap, wreak havoc in search of a homeless black guy who they deem to be purge-material. The ideas explored are thought-provoking and interesting, but instead, it just became another generic home invasion thriller that may have a few good moments, but that's about it. Overall, it's just another cliched thriller filled with gaping plotholes and eye-rolling scenes or plot devices. Eugenics The Movie. Uh huh. 

And those masks! Ugh. It may have worked in The Strangers, but in here, it just makes me want to suckerpunch the smirk off of their arrogant faces. And what's up with that ugly RC baby doll camera? Surely there's something less conspicuous (and prettier) than that?

I'm curious though, who are the New Founding Fathers of America? ;)

My Rating: 1.5/5 - A movie deserving to be watched for its intelligent ideas, but also deserving of the low ratings because of its failure to express & explore.

*     *     *


Directed by:  Stephen R. Monroe
Screenplay by:  Stuart Morse
Cinematography by:  Neil Lisk
Running Time:  108 mins
Budget: $ 2 million
Box Office:  just a little over $500,000. 
Rape films, while I can watch those kinds once in a while, are ALWAYS in the bottom of my to-watch movies. This movie thoroughly explored rape in every sense of the word. A good chunk of the film was spent violating and abusing the female character in every way imaginable - psychological, emotional, physical torture. The director obviously took the time realistically capturing (or exploiting) Jennifer Hills' (Sarah Butler) degradation which was more horrific to watch than the actual revenge scenes but then treated the third act into something caricaturish. Tsk tsk.

Why we continue making and watching these kinds of film is something I keep on wondering about. Maybe it's people's morbid fascination to violence. Maybe it's a weird sense of art. I don't know. It's insane. And it could feed twisted ideas to an already psychotic mind with inhumane tendencies.

For a remake, this is actually a well-executed film with solid performances from the cast. I have yet to see the original so I can't compare - and I'm not sure if I'll watch it anytime soon.

My Rating: 2.5/5 

*     *     *


Directed by:  Rawson Marshall Thurber
Starring:  Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter
Running Time:  110 mins
Budget: $ 37 million
Box Office: more than $ 250 million

It's dumb. But it's also a bit funny. I had several good laughs and for me, that's good enough. I rarely get that in most comedy movies. 

My favorite scene is the "A for Anal" scene. That's hilarious!

My Rating: 3.5/5

*     *     *

JOBS (2013)

Directed by:  Joshua Michael Stern
Written by:  Matt Whiteley
Cinematography by:  Russell Carpenter (U.S.), Aseem Bajaj (India)
Starring:  Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad
Running Time:  122 mins
Budget:  $12 million
Box Office:  almost $36 million

I'm not sure if it's the cast, the director, or Ashton Kutcher's fault, but Jobs is another missed opportunity. They could have shown us something new, maybe explore the complexities of Steve Jobs, how such a jerk (and I'm basing it from this movie) became a mature leader in his later years. Instead, we get another Apple commercial with an overly dramatic opening scene. How Apple became this and that, blah blah. How Jobs was ousted from his company, how Bill Gates, the cunning fox stole his software and named it Microsoft whatever. -_- If I wanted to watch that rehashed crap, I would just stick to Pirates of Silicon Valley.

I was expecting a bad performance from Ashton Kutcher because, well, he's Ashton Kutcher - the stupid guy from That 70's Show and the man who strangled 2 1/2 Men to death. But he did a decent job. It's not great, nor is it praise-worthy. And I'm not sure if he's the right choice to play Jobs other than the fact that they kinda look alike. But he gave a good enough performance most of the time, better than I've expected.

Maybe it's the editing, or the screenplay, or the mediocre cast or mis-cast (I did like Mulroney, because he's still cute lol) but something has to change

My Rating:  2.5/5 - I wasn't bored, but seriously, doing chores feels more satisfying than this.

THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION:  What will you do if your government sanctioned an annual purge? What would be your weapon of choice?

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  1. Well..well... Again, you have mastered a most enjoyable review ! It seems when I read your reviews, you always delight me with your well-thought-out unique style of perfection, facts and humor... Nice reads... Thanks for sharing :) Keep up the great work... You are a natural ! :)

    1. Thank you Tippi :) Have you seen these movies? what can you say about them :)



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