Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[MOVIEHOUSE MADNESS]: Guardians of the Galaxy and Why You Need To See It.

"MOVIEHOUSE MADNESS" is when I review films currently shown in theaters. Also, I rarely watch new releases in the cinemas, but when I do, there are always face-palming incidences that make me regret going. So humor me and let me tell you what I think before you waste your ticket money, while refreshing your memory of the ABCs of movie house etiquette!

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of those movies which you think will suck so bad that you go to the cinemas expecting nothing more than the obligatory action, snarky characters, & CGI fest. Cliched and trying hard to be the next big Marvel blockbuster. A wham bham thank you mam kind of thing. But then you're proven wrong. And then it makes you happy and wanting more. It was so good that you let it slide when the guys behind you are constantly discussing the characters as if nobody else knows who they are. I didn't even have the urge (not once) to poke those people's eyes with a stick for coming in halfway through the movie with their flashlight on as if they're on a search and rescue mission. No. I was too busy being entertained by GotG. That's how good it was!
Directed by:  James Gunn
Screenplay:  James Gunn, Nicole Perlman
Running Time:  122 mins
Budget:  $170 million
Box Office:  $160 million & counting

I really didn't plan on watching this. I saw the trailer and I huffed and puffed and turned up my nose and said "Ugh, that's soooo lame!" and I stubbornly planted my feet on the ground, refusing to budge. When it hit the theaters, critics were raving about it. My facebook feed was filled with "Groot references" and typical fanboying crap. I was getting curious. Finally, I caved in. And my god was I thankful I saw this! I won't say it's perfect, but it's close to being one - it's really a well-made movie considering how unknown this particular comicbook world is and James Gunn managed to keep us interested & entertained. 

There were lots of awesome scenes but let me give this special mention to Vin Diesel's Groot. He is the heart of GotG, together with Bradley Cooper's huggable rode- err - raccoon, Rocket, they added a more than adequate spark, though the other cast members are also great. Chris Pratt did well as Star-Lord (when I was a kid, I thought Star-Lord was gay though I can't remember what made me think so). I'm so contented with the set design & the visuals - it really feels like you're in another world... that was something I didn't expect since I was used to Marvel movies' basic Earth-to-some-neighboring-planet scheme. This one's a bit more vast and it impressed me. I could go on and on and on, but I won't. In fact I'll end this review now because ------

Seriously, if you haven't watched it yet, get off of that chair, quit reading this, and go to the nearest moviehouse and see this film. 

To end this review, let me use the language of my favorite GotG character to sum it up quite nicely - and believe me, this is the only kind of convincing you need!  I am groot!!! I. AM. GROOT. I-Am-Groot, I am groot.... I am GROOOOOT!!! I am groot, groot?!!!! I am groot! ........ WE ARE GROOT! 

A GROOT RATING:  4.5/5 - It's G-rrrrrroooot! I mean, GREAT!

*Photos/GIFs courtesy of Tumblr.

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  1. This is the Marvel formula done right.

  2. Nice review. To be honest, this film is great only because on the focus on the team AND the comedic tone. Plot wise, it is average and the characters other than the team are really forgettable.

    1. thank you Andrew! You're right about the comedic tone, it made this absolutely engaging and one of the better Marvel movies. Plot & characters are average esp Gamora, Nebula, even Ronan (though I like his whole look , very creepy), but I really love the visual appeal of this whole intergalactic thingamajig! And the first scene already set the tone right - the setting, the mood, Star-lord's devil-may-care attitude, and the awesome soundtrack - and it went smoothly from that point on.



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