Saturday, January 11, 2014

10,000 Hours of Political Motives

Ever since Mr. Palengke (Mar Roxas) messed up big time, PNoy decided to change his pet - choosing Sen. Ping Lacson instead, building him up to be the next 2016 presidentiable (that is, according to Sen. Miriam. lol.). And now we have this movie with a main protagonist played by Robin Padilla which is supposedly Lacson-inspired and is depicted as a loyal, country-loving hero. Genius. 

10,000 Hours is by far one of the best campaign ads I've seen. 

Surprisingly fresh in terms of cinematography & editing - you just don't normally see those techniques used in a typical Filipino movie - the movie could use a bit of trimming down though. What surprised me most is the fact that Joyce Bernal (Bb., sorry) directed this film. Known for her cheesy (but admittedly funny at times) rom-coms, I was shocked to see her name as the credits rolled. She's got skills, I know now. What she needs to practice next is how to lessen the melodrama haha. 

Acting-wise, I would say the cast did well. Of course, the melodrama was cringe-worthy it makes me wanna laugh out loud at some scenes. TMD, in my opinion - Too Much Drama. Robin Padilla sporting chic winter clothes instead of his usual rugged badboy garb is pleasing to the eyes. Too cool to be Ping. His portrayal was good, or at least better than most of his previous performances. 
Having a smaller role didn't prevent Pen Medina from shining the brightest. He's awesome, plain and simple. 
And while I did enjoy the scenes of Bela Padilla (as a reporter) and Ketchup Eusebio (as the cameraman) serving as comic relief, I don't think Bela is the right choice for said role. Her acting was good, but maybe it takes more maturity to play that character (a vital one as scenes unfold) and to convince the viewers & give a lasting impact which is beneficial to the climax. Carla Humphries probably could have delivered Bela's role with more angst & a little more sophistication.

"Ang Pinoy chase na walang kasing-lupit!" Don't let the tagline deceive you, this movie suffers from a plodding storyline, focused more on family drama rather than the actual "chase". There's no tension, no edge-of-your-seat thrill, no uncertainties whether the protagonist would actually be captured. None.

"Hanggang saan mo ipaglalaban ang katarungan?" Again, painting Ping Lacson as a stickler for justice and unwavering principles is worthy of a facepalm. Well maybe he really is, but the constant dialogues reiterating that fact is too blatant, it feels more like a campaign rather than a credible characterization. Alcaraz (Padilla) was not even fighting for justice haha. He ran away from it, leaving his family to deal with all his bullcrap. LOL. What I did appreciate is that they did show that he is cold-blooded (and I don't mean a reptile). Maybe not enough scenes to establish that fact, but at least they added that aspect of his life. 

Inspired by real/actual events they said. Indeed it is. They grabbed stuff they like and left grittier details that even the most dense viewer would notice the glaring one-sidedness of the story. And they cast the ever so charming Robin Padilla as "Sen. Alcaraz", my god, the masses would eat this up like a mouth-watering cheesecake, enough to convince them to vote for Ping in the next elections.

10,000 Hours could be improved with a tighter screenplay and trimming down of scenes, but I've enjoyed it. The attempt of a "twist" angle, which I didn't see coming, could have been executed better with a tighter script and casting. It felt limp. Dialogue is a bit stilted at times. And the melodrama needs to go. My favorite scene was the ending, just before the credits. And that President GMO cracks me up (the name, not Bibeth's portrayal).

My Rating: 3/5 

YOUR POINT OF VIEW: Your thoughts regarding the movie?

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