Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Directed by Ruggero Deodato, Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most brilliant & horrifying films I’ve ever seen and I NEVER EVER WANNA SEE IT AGAIN.

The depiction of such savagery (and im not talking about the actual cannibals here) is so disturbing it hurts my soul and body.

Looking past the cannibalism, the graphic sexual violence, mutilation, brutal animal killings (which is totally not okay for me… those were the most painful scenes to watch because it was all real.. that’s not cool Deodato! =P ), this is actually a well-made film. Sure, some may say it’s not gory enough (that coming from a generation where the basis of how good a horror fim is by how much blood and goo was shed, or how many extremities were amputated.)

This was made in the 80’s and you gotta give Ruggero Deodato props here, he’s a genius. From the camera movements, the internal organs (which looks so real that makes u rethink twice whether this is truly a snuff film and those were really from dead actors), and his ability to repulse his viewers and hate his film so much they feel so exploited after watching it and vowing never to endure such a painful viewing experience again.. then yeah, genius, as I’ve said.

It is a film about media’s exploitative nature for the sake of sensationalism. It’s not about cannibalism. It’s about human beings’ innate savagery hiding beneath the guise of ‘civilization’. I mean let’s face it, despite our pretentious superiority among all other God’s creatures, we are still animals. With animalistic instincts locked up by the weak cages of social norms and civilized manners, begging to break out. We see it on the news everyday. In history classes. That makes this film so scary. Because deep inside us, as we watch every brutal scene unfold, eyes wide with horror, we know that men are capable of what we were seeing. It’s easier to watch ghost films or psychokillers bashing their hapless victims’ heads because we think it’s just plain crazy and unrealistic. But to see civilized people killing other people, killing animals, raping, lying, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN,. It’s beyond scary. And It’s real.


Awful. Repulsive. Horrifying. Insulting & degrading (esp. if you are a woman, and u see the rape scene, impalement, and forced abortion.). this is one film you will never want to see again… But it’s also one of those THAT YOU HAVE TO SEE before you die. So there.

I wonder who the real cannibals are.

MY RATING:  I give it 4.5/5. Because it’s so damn effective.

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