Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Movie 43 (2013)

Director: Different directors/writers for each storylines

Starring: All-star ensemble cast (just look at the poster)


"The biggest cast ever assembled for the most outrageous comedy ever made."

"Comedy. Exposed."

Plot Summary: There is no plot.

- - - - - - - - - 

I watched this expecting something that is in the category of "worst movies ever made" basing from reviews and ratings I have read, and even though it has a current rating of 4% (critics) & 30% (audience) in Rotten Tomatoes, I'm a bit ashamed that I don't think it's that bad (of course, I agree it's one of 2013's worst movies. But there are far worse comedies ever made, in my opinion). Yes the humor in this film ranges from offensive to downright nasty, but once you let go of your righteous indignation, I think it's quite enjoyable. Now, before you brand me as a mindless dumb ass with no taste in movies for saying I've enjoyed this one, stop right there and let me explain :)

I'm not saying this is a masterpiece. It has no plot, only themed skits. The storylines are ludicrous, the jokes are offensive & tasteless, but what made this actually tolerable is that IT'S MEANT TO BE LUDICROUS AND OFFENSIVE. The big names obviously didn't do this for the money or prestige, so the fact that they're there means they're just having fun (either that or they're really good friends with the producers/directors) & makes me wanna have fun as well. 

The fact that the people behind this movie included scat/toilet humor, incestuous jokes, nudity/sexual content, graphic violence, racial slurs and other derogatory terms etc. etc. reinforces the idea that this film doesn't take itself seriously and they probably just made that movie to test the limits of the audience's ability to take offense. Like a nuisance candidate in a typical Filipino presidential elections/campaign, you know they're up to no good, but it sure is damn entertaining to watch them on national tv. Stupid and shameless yes, but a big props to them for having balls.

Honorable Mentions: These storylines are really funny. The rest are okay, with a few good laughs.

  • Kate Winslet appalled by Hugh's neck balls the whole time. I didn't think she could do comedy. LOL
  • The "Veronica" segment, with Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin. The melodramatic dialogue and acting is so damn hilarious! 
  • The "Superhero Speed Dating" with Justin Long, Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Bell, Uma Thurman. 
  • Also the "Middleschool Date" storyline (Chloe Moretz), when Chloe had her first period and she has blood on her pants, in front of her date and his brother and dad, then her dad comes in and sees her bloody pants, and he becomes indignant & you might think he thought his daughter got molested, "what kind of a sick family are you????!!! to throw a tomato on my daughter's butt!!! (something like that)
  • Halle Berry's storyline also has some funny moments. My favorite is the blow the candle dare. 

The Verdict: Consider yourself warned. Leave your brains in the freezer or under the couch before watching this film because you don't need to do any form of thinking. Seeing Gerald Butler as a foul-mouthed, 2 1/2 feet tall leprechaun, or Hugh Jackman with balls hanging in his neck are signs that this movie doesn't aspire to be anything other than of shock humor value. Obviously it didn't work with most people, but I suggest you try it, who knows, maybe you can enjoy some tasteless comedy once in a while.

My Rating: 1.5/5 - I can't guarantee that this movie will make you laugh (i think you have to be in the right mood to be as lenient as I was), if you're easily offended or disgusted, then skip this one.

"Ellen: You look like you slept in a soup kitchen urinal.

Neil: You look like you bathed in a dumpster behind the abortion clinic." 

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