Thursday, May 9, 2013

Movie Cliches: It's so unrealistic, yet we can't stop watching

We know they're silly. We know it's unreal. We know it's highly improbable.... And yet we can't get enough of them.

Almost every mainstream, popcorn flicks have these cliches. We roll our eyes, we laugh at it, we comment about it smugly, yet year after year, movie after movie - they're always there. Why? Because it sells. Because admit it or not, it's almost a standard to have at least two cliches in every movie.  I can't speak for everybody, but this is one of my guilty pleasures. I love great, intelligent, unique movies, yes. But sometimes I also want a good dose of mind-numbing senseless entertainment. Because in this escapist world, sometimes all we need is a generous helping of horrible movie cliches. 

So why even pretend? You know you're guilty too. 

  1. Even when the hero is outnumbered, the villains fully-ammo'd, chances are they will all be dead and the hero barely gets hit. Or if he does, he gets hit in the shoulder or the leg.

  2. You're watching a romantic movie. A couple wakes up in the morning, as soon as they open their eyes they smile sweetly at each other like they're the best sight in the universe, AND THEY KISS. -_- really? Are their mouths so magical that they have fresh breath after a night of snoring and drooling? Yeah.. Morning breath never happens in the movies.
  3. Smart/Nerdy characters always wear glasses. That's the simplest way to show us ignorant audiences that they are the smart ones.
  4. Geek is the new sexy.

  5. The wonderful world of movies lets you believe that a charming prostitute or a housemaid meeting a handsome rich bachelor, then fall in love, and live happily ever after is the norm. 

  6. No need for description. lol

  7. Girl manages to get out of the house and go to her car. She drops her keys - she gets killed. She gets in, after several seconds of tension-filled struggle to get the key inside the ignition, car won't start - she gets killed. She gets inside, the car starts, she's ready to go, she adjusts her rear view mirror, someone is in the back - she gets killed.

  8. In any suspense/horror movies, the future victims always have to go down the basement, or open the door, or sneak out to check if the killer is gone. Seriously? If that was me I would have forever locked myself in the closet (oops another cliche - closet) and died of hunger or drowned in my own piss/vomit/poop, but i would NEVER go out when there's a killer/monster on the loose.
  9. They always have to separate. O_O Why?? Don't you all know it's better if you stick together??? Jesus Christ.
  10. Villain has the hero backed against a wall. Hero's cornered. Villain only has to pull the trigger or hack the hero with his samurai sword or whatever. Villain talks and talks. Until someone comes for help or the hero finally distracts him and kill him with his own weapon.

That's it for now... Will continue to update..... :)

*Illustrations are from the New York International Latino Film Festival.*

What are your favorite movie cliches? Share them below :)

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  2. lol...... this is one of the best truths of movies I have ever read..... lol .. you sure called it as it is, in the world of entertaining films.... We all seem to drown ourselves in these films, knowing the outcome before we ever watch the ending, but we are addicted to them regardless..

    with the many myriad cliches of horror ( as i am an avid fan of horror) I have to choose as my own cliche, " is he dead yet? " ( of course the villan never really dies , but we know this dont we !!!! * winks* lol

    1. ahahahhaha yes! That's a good one!! Is he dead yet?? *sneaks closer and pokes him* -_-

    2. I know you were thinking of your FAV Michael Myers...... haha .... could'nt resist that one,know how much you love that guy.... lol

    3. lol yeah right. Myers, the human sloth. -_-



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